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O'Day Enterprises, LLC

O’Day Enterprises, LLC, was formed in October 2013 by its founder and CEO, Jim O’Day, for the purpose of providing a platform for facilitating relationships within his extensive network.

O’Day Enterprises provides consulting services to companies seeking intellectual and financial capital to enhance and expand their operations. They connect their clients with people and firms who have the resources to facilitate strategic growth.

Jim has worked in both the private and public sectors and understands the unique opportunities and challenges inherent to both. A 35-year professional career in news and print media, as a Director of Athletics for the University of Montana, and consulting for firms ranging from local entrepreneurs to large corporations, has provided Jim with a vast network of contacts.

Major clients include Farran Realty Partners of Missoula, Montana, BancVue of Austin, Texas, and Mountain States Business Brokers and Advisors of Denver, Colorado. In addition to providing facilitation and business development services to these clients, O’Day Enterprises connects people within their network to others who may assist them as their businesses grow and change.

O’Day Enterprises provides services ranging from introducing potential clients to Farran; providing branding/marketing assistance for individuals, businesses, professional and college teams and non-profits; consultations and introductions within intercollegiate athletics; partnering small community banking institutions/credit unions to compete against the megabanks; dealing with the many needs of those in the oil and gas industry; and connecting their local/regional clients with individuals and firms with similar visions who operate nationally.

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